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On June 11th 2021, Iti debuted an all-hardware live electronic set in the stunning Meanjin-based Catalog Music. All works performed were unreleased, many of which unpolished/unfinished. This is a snapshot of his development as a live electronic artist, via an hour-long performance of raw drum grooves, choppy melodic elements and sweeping synth lines.

All music written, produced and performed by Itrat Memon.

Filming: Tom Carroll and Daniel Rafet Grima

Editing: Tom Carroll

Location: Catalog Music, Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia.

Iti - Curvework Vol. 1: As Time Passes [PKM012] is out today! Thanks to all the listeners, DJs, radio hosts, and the people that gave us premiere spots. for the support so far. You can listen to the EP on Apple Music, Spotify etc. You can buy it on Bandcamp. We hope you all enjoy sinking in to the music x

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Poster by Enter.

As Time Passes…

A celebration of art, movement and community, curated in an inner city warehouse space by an exciting crop of Meanjin’s creative contributors.

Iti [live] Axon Growth Factor Natural Selection Nora Drum Scalymoth Madeline Holt [visuals]

We invite you to participate in an expression of physical and mental exchange; a shared experience through sense. Using formless light and sculptural form, Madeline Holt frames the echoes of an interaction between the real and illusory.

In sonic parallel, we have a diverse range of sounds to share. Off the back of his recent EP on Pocketmoth, Iti presents his energetic, percussive productions in the form of an all-hardware live set. On either side, we’ve some of our favourite local DJs in control of the night’s sonics. Expect a diverse range of selections through an immersive four-point sound system.


Pocketmoth respectfully acknowledges the Turrbul and Jagera Nations as the traditional owners of the land on which this event will be held: Meanjin. We pay deep respects to all Elders past, present and future. We’ve allocated a number of free admissions for First Nations Peoples. Please get in touch with us.

Pocketmoth is committed to safety, inclusivity and free expression. Discrimination or harassment of any form will not be tolerated.

Record label. Since 2018. Brisbane (Meanjin), Australia. Infinite twist.

Alive on bandcamp, instagramfacebook, mixcloud & youtube.

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