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Quincy Raw - Big Fermion [PKM011]

Quincy Raw comes forward with a five-track EP of diverse, explorative electronic music. Moments of hypno-techno, acid and head-down-arms-up euphoria are scattered across a vibrant spectrum of sound. Big Fermion: a bit like an electron the size of your head.

  1. 2Q20

  2. Pleasure Grip

  3. Bodies In Water

  4. Honey

  5. Breakfast On The Moon

Released June 18, 2021 Available on Bandcamp, Spotify etc.

Credits: All tracks written, produced and mixed by Quincy Raw in Meanjin (Brisbane), AU. Vocal work on tracks 1 and 4 by Kevin Orr and Kimberley Hanson. Mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering, UK. Artwork by Quincy Raw and Iti. Cover images captured by Quincy Raw with atomic force microscopy.


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