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Olympic Pool Maintenance League - The Calming Cloud [PKM008]

Today we welcome Olympic Pool Maintenance League to the pocketmoth family with 'The Calming Cloud', a three-track EP of architectural techno minimalism, moving through shifting polyrhythms and smooth ambience. Olympic Pool Maintenance League is the alias of multi-format artist Chris Bennie. In addition to the release Chris has produced a limited edition artwork package that extends on the EP's cover and The Calming Cloud video (see below), available for purchase via Bandcamp.

  1. Time Lord

  2. Fabric Filter

  3. The Calming Cloud

All tracks written and produced by Chris Bennie (Olympic Pool Maintenance League) in Queensland, Australia. All tracks mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering in the UK. Album art: Chris Bennie, A Likely Coalition 2019. Installation view Swell Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, Queensland Australia 2019. Winner Neumann Foundation Swell Sculpture Award.

Above are some images of the artwork package accompanying the release. This limited edition package contains 10 varied loose-leaf artworks, including one-off photographs, sketches and collages, and a high-quality print of 'A Likely Coalition', the exhibition piece featured on the EP Cover. All sheets are enclosed in a filing cabinet folder, analogising the EP artwork and 'The Calming Cloud' video clip.


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