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Gabriel Magdelani & Niran Mantin - Physical Desires [PKM009]

Pre-order now available

A foremost prioritisation of friendship between two intelligent musical minds. 'Physical Desires', a 4-track EP of lengthy minimal rollers, uses space, texture and fine detail to evolve focused grooves into avenues of hypnotic exploration.

A testament to the transcendent potential of dance music, Gabriel and Niran render the supposed political boundaries of their respective Arab and Jewish Israeli heritages as arbitrary. Instead, focus is placed on unity through art.

Pressing music to vinyl has been a solid goal of ours since starting this label in late 2017. We're extremely proud of the effort, message and music behind this release, and thus are so pleased that 'Physical Desires' represents the first of many Pocketmoth vinyl releases. A huge thank you to Daniel Grima for re-branding our logo and label, and for the beautiful centre-label design. A solid partnership and one that will continue to grow.


Physical and digital preorder:

Streaming: Bandcamp, Soundcloud and streaming services.

Copies available from 25/08/20 at select record stores worldwide, incl Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (tbc).

Brisbane buyers can also message us directly for pick up orders :)

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