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Out in full on November 11, 2021

1. Saba 2. As Time Passes 3. Saba (Axon Growth Factor Remix) 4. As Time Passes (Nora Drum Remix)

Things are clearer now for Meanjin (Brisbane) producer and Pocketmoth co-founder Itrat Memon, who in the 3 years since his last EP release, worked tirelessly to reconfigure his creative practice. A first glimpse came in May 2021 when he relinquished former alias ‘Black Mannequin’ in favour of the name Meanjin’s dance music community fondly knows him by: Iti.

This signalled an intention to break free from former personal narratives, and instead view releases as extensions of the transient self from irretrievable moments in time. In other words, a firm self-commitment to finish music while at its most visceral peak, for as time passes, so too does one’s emotional connection to its birthing point. Acknowledging this impermanence, the ‘Curvework’ series houses tracks conceived and finished within ephemeral moments of creativity.

Vol. 1: As Time Passes

A fast-paced 2-track, 2-remix EP, suited to a variety of dance floor contexts. The EP begins with Saba (Urdu; wind, breeze): a swift, airy groover, fusing the percussive textures of Iti’s Pakistani heritage with soft, breathing pads and his signature vocal sampling. This is followed by the EP’s title track, ‘As Time Passes’; a high-energy, broken-beat number. Here, more of Iti’s hypnotic vocal chops weave cleverly with thundering rhythm and tabla sections.

The EP’s remixes come from two of Meanjin’s most exciting and active producers; Axon Growth Factor and Nora Drum.

Off the back of his stunning release ‘Cytokenisis’ on Naarm (Melbourne) label The Space Between Us, Axon Growth Factor continues his excellent form with a stripped-back electro remix of ‘Saba’, injecting the intricate drum programming he is rapidly becoming known for.

Nora Drum, having released an equally stunning EP in collaboration with Lithe in September, continues his exploration of Drum and Bass with an immense take on ‘As Time Passes’, featuring a clinical rhythm section and textural atmosphere. Hats off.


All tracks written, produced and mixed by Iti, Meanjin (Brisbane), AU.

Mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering, UK. 

Artwork by Enter.

Press photo by Rafet Grima.

Recently, we caught up with Jack from Age of Leisure to talk about our relationship with music, the electronic and dance music community in Meanjin, and the past and future of Pocketmoth. The full interview is here.

Age of Leisure exists "to provide a digital platform that gives voice to artists, communities and businesses supporting and participating in leftfield music in Meanjin (Brisbane) and across so-called Australia."

Thanks for having us Jack x

Quincy Raw comes forward with a five-track EP of diverse, explorative electronic music. Moments of hypno-techno, acid and head-down-arms-up euphoria are scattered across a vibrant spectrum of sound. Big Fermion: a bit like an electron the size of your head.

  1. 2Q20

  2. Pleasure Grip

  3. Bodies In Water

  4. Honey

  5. Breakfast On The Moon

Released June 18, 2021 Available on Bandcamp, Spotify etc.

Credits: All tracks written, produced and mixed by Quincy Raw in Meanjin (Brisbane), AU. Vocal work on tracks 1 and 4 by Kevin Orr and Kimberley Hanson. Mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering, UK. Artwork by Quincy Raw and Iti. Cover images captured by Quincy Raw with atomic force microscopy.

Record label. Since 2018. Brisbane (Meanjin), Australia. Infinite twist.

Alive on bandcamp, instagramfacebook, mixcloud & youtube.

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