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We are an independent record label founded in 2018 and based in Meanjin (Brisbane), AU. 

The label is run entirely by Iti (now based in London, UK) and Zach.


Our records are pressed with precision and care at R.A.N.D. Muzik (Leipzig, DE), and distributed through the lovely crew at Inch By Inch (Leipzig, DE).

Infinite Twist

Bookings, submissions & enquiries:

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Axon Growth Factor, Bcharre, Ben Reeves, Black Bear Lodge, Black Mannequin, Catalog Records, Chris George, Christopher Brooks, Daniel Rafet Grima, DJ Friendly, Dystopian Soundscapes, Echo & Bounce, Egumei, Enter, Eran Ben-zeev,, From, Gábriel Magdelani, George, Glasshead, Hannah D, Idle Air, Inch By Inch, Inverted Audio, Iti, Jack McKenzie, Madeline Holt, Metapattern, mixed business, Moskalus, Mr. Moustache, Niran Mantin, Olympic Pool Maintenance League, Ozacure, Penelope Two Five, Phresh, Purple Sneakers, Quincy Raw, Quivr, R.A.N.D. Muzik, Rahms, RDGR, Respect Guy, Romeo Moon, Sam Stosuur, Sarah Schneider, Sargent Bonzo, SHADE, Sloxxx, Some Uncertain Sir, Squidgenini, sss, Sum Randm, Tils, vanityRIP, Ventspace, Wilma Bond, Yonder.


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