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Skies [MOTH02] OUT NOW

Stream, purchase via bandcamp

Stream via soundcloud, all major streaming platforms.


1. From - Draw Me In

2. DJ Friendly - Body High

3. Meridians - Four in the Morning, Restless (Sam Stosuur Remix)

4. Ozacure & Mr Moustache - I Am Dreaming

5. Metapattern - Parallels

6. Dystopian Soundscapes - Ankh

7. Quin - Cerulean

8. Penelope Two Five - Nimbus

9. Chris George - Synchronous

10. Bcharre - Said a Blade of Grass

11. Christopher Brooks - Voodoo House

12. Ben Reeves - Intoxic

13. Rahms - Why Am I Running?

14. Sloxxx - I Don't Know the Question

15. Ozacure - Marmalade

The producers we've worked with on Skies [MOTH02] have inspired us. In the realm of analogue photography and development, Jack McKenzie (@35mmmkenzie) has blown us away with his expertise and guidance. And of course, your consistent support has and continues to push us to do bigger, better things.

Thank you, and please enjoy.

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