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Giegling in Brisbane ft. Leafar Legov [live] and DJ Dustin

Friday Feb 7 at The Outpost Pocketmoth proudly re-welcomes Giegling back to Brisbane for another program of prodigious electronic music, this time featuring the stunning sounds of Leafar Legov [live] and the distinguished prowess of DJ Dustin. LEAFAR LEGOV [Live] Since his last visit to Brisbane in 2015, Rafael Vogel has forged a number of invigorating contributions to the Giegling catalogue. The consistent quality of Vogel's work is undeniable, with his latest ambient cassette, 'Never Ending Beginnings', exemplifying his versatility as a producer. His rich textures, deep grooves and alluring samples conceive an unique dance floor intimacy, and showcase the expressive potential of electronic performance. DJ DUSTIN Co-founding Giegling in 2009, DJ Dustin's ear for electronic music has since greatly shaped the label's influential roster of artists. Armed, always, with Giegling's impressive catalogue of released and unreleased material, DJ Dustin transitions effortlessly between styles in his characteristically diverse DJ sets. We're excited to host our first party at The Outpost, a venue that has rapidly established itself as a home for electronic music in Brisbane. PKM x ------------------------------- Pocketmoth pays respect to the First Nations people as the Traditional Owners of the land on which this party will occur, the Turrbul and Jagera nations. Respect the space, respect each other. Everyone is welcome, everyone should feel safe. -------------------------------

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