June 24, 2020

Hey! Long time no see..

In the absence of physical human interaction, we are participating in digital interaction. The Quivr is a relatively new, Brisbane-based platform that hosts a diverse selection of live-streams (primarily DJs at this stage). We've been lucky enough to get a residency - details below.

All sets streamed at https://thequivr.com via Twitch, and uploaded for listening at https://soundcloud.com/thequivr.

17/06 1800-2000 AEST w/ DJ Borderforce and DJ Friendly

24/06 1700-1900 AEST w/ Chris George

01/07 1700-1900 AEST w/ Squidgenini

08/07 1700-1900 AEST w/ ???

You can listen back to the sets from 17/6 here and here.

Hope you enjoy and see you on a stream!

pocketmoth x

January 28, 2020

Friday Feb 7 at The Outpost

Pocketmoth proudly re-welcomes Giegling back to Brisbane for another program of prodigious electronic music, this time featuring the stunning sounds of Leafar Legov [live] and the distinguished prowess of DJ Dustin.

Since his last visit to Brisbane in 2015, Rafael Vogel has forged a number of invigorating contributions to the Giegling catalogue. The consistent quality of Vogel's work is undeniable, with his latest ambient cassette, 'Never Ending Beginnings', exemplifying his versatility as a producer. His rich textures, deep grooves and alluring samples conceive an unique dance floor intimacy, and showcase the expressive potential of electronic performance.

Co-founding Giegling in 2009, DJ Dustin's ear for electronic music has since greatly shaped the label's influential roster of artists. Armed, always, with Giegling's impressive catalogue of released and unreleased material, DJ Dustin transitions effortlessly between styles...

January 28, 2020

Listen on Bandcamp // Listen on Soundcloud

Fluent in unique rhythms, immersive ambient motifs and intricate detail, Black Mannequin bridges headphone and club listening. 

Title: Zero/Sum 
Artist: Black Mannequin 
Cat#: PKM007 
Label: Pocketmoth 
Brisbane, Australia

released October 30, 2019 

Written and produced: Black Mannequin 2016-2019 (Darwen UK, Dublin IE & Brisbane AU). 
Design: Iti Memon & Madeline Holt 2019 (Brisbane, AU) 
Mastered: Chris McCormack 2019 (Blacklisted, UK).

October 25, 2019

On September 27th, Cerulean Showroom 4 took place at Black Bear Lodge. We have uploaded sets from Simon Bird and Quincy Raw b2b Black Mannequin. Audun did a mix for our series recently as well - see below.


Quincy Raw b2b Black Mannequin (recording)

Audun [Funboys/Nein Records]

Simon Bird [Wildlife Recordings/Keepers of the Wild] (recording)


Madeline Holt

October 25, 2019

Pocketmoth Mix 10: Caeruleus Maximus

Mixed by Audun [ Funboys/Nein Records] in Brisbane, Australia
Released: 26.09.19
Photo by Iti Memon

June 7, 2019

Pocketmoth Mix 09: Over-Analysis

Mixed by Hannah D in Brisbane, Australia
Released: 07.06.19
Photo by Jack McKenzie

May 7, 2019

Eran Ben-zeev, half of Ozacure, will be joining the PKM discography with his Adult Dreams EP. A collection of tracks full of character but minimal in approach. Eran has crafted an immensely interesting and unique sound on this release. If it could be identified by a genre, maybe it would be minimal acid electro? Best to leave it to the music here though... 'Emotions Repressed' is currently up on Soundcloud and the EP will release in full on May 15 via Bandcamp.



1. Adult Dreams

2. Emotions Repressed

3. Spasmodic Impulse



Cover photography and design by Daniel Grima.

Music mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering.

All music written, performed and produced by Eran Ben-zeev in Tel Aviv during 2018.

May 7, 2019

This was an absolute ball, and it was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with SHADE. Thanks to everyone who came and danced - it was amazing to see Brisbane roll through and sell the night out. Umfang and Shyboi turned up in every regard; they really gave us a reason to lose it on the dance floor. Shouts to Gurps for the incredible warehouse, which will soon be his own electronic music studio. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

March 6, 2019

Pocketmoth pres. Cerulean Showroom 2

March 31 in The Foundry Backroom (Brisbane, Australia)

Black Mannequin
Cam Rañh Lee b2b tiafau
DJ Friendly

Captivating visual stimulation. Crisp, deep quadraphonic audio. A multi-sensory experience where everywhere is the sweet spot. 

Find your space, get comfortable - we've got you covered. All night.

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