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Iti - Curvework Vol. 2: Saffron [PKM013]

A functional two-track EP of South Asian-influenced dance floor cuts, Saffron explores the sonic intersection between Iti's cultural heritage and upbringing. Blending punchy skin-drum rhythms with a palette of snappy electronic percussion and luminous modular synthesis, Iti provides an insight into his explorations of cultural hybridity through sound.

The EP opens with Jalil, a slick 114bpm number that alludes to its Arabic meaning of "greatness" or "reverence". Underpinned by powerful low-end production, Jalil combines the cutting South West Asian sounds of the Darbouka & Mizmar with the distinctly south-east Asian Sitar, expressing Iti’s fraternal and spiritual connection to the Middle-East.

The tempo elevates for the EP's title track Saffron, which combines the tones of classic tech house and early 2000s British-South Asian dance. Characterised by rolling tabla lines, rhythmic vocal chops and silky pads, Saffron is an unsuspecting technicolour dance floor gem, vibrant like its floral namesake.

To close the release out, DJ Speed (X-CLUB./Hide The Junk) offers a sure-footed reinterpretation of Jalil, taking the track into more euphoric territories and introducing a touch of acid to the mix.

Artwork by Enter.

Mastered by Chris McCormack.

We hope you are enjoying x


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