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sss - Lost Future [PKM014]

Pocketmoth is proud to introduce Berlin-based sss to the family via a 4-track EP of ambient and IDM explorations: ‘Lost Futures’. A multidisciplinary artist, Sarah’s musical output strongly resembles her visual explorations: rich in colour, texture, and form.

In establishing a new tradition, we will invite a close community member to say some words about each release. Here, our friend and event collaborator, Joseph, said the following:

- - -

On 'Lost Future', we are transported to a liminal realm, informed by the dancefloor yet entirely separated from it. It is warm, ethereal, yet strangely alien for something so warm.

We are initially presented with xxx, a breaks forward number that slowly seduces us into this new world. Voices flicker in and out, never quite heard yet always understood. Holyblood is a darker, ritualistic number with a pronounced Eastern influence, pulling us deeper into lysergic territory. Rubber is something of a palette cleanser. Bubble bath tones and soft textural ambience wash over us, with a subtle acid line suggesting some kind of purpose, or perhaps tension. What’s In Your Head is the sound of submerged sub-aquatic drums and subtly seductive tones. Birds sounds hint towards some kind of nature, yet we are lost in some kind of mirror dimension, familiar yet off kilter.

Lost Future mourns for that which is gone, yet offers catharsis and comfort. Relax, we will all be OK.


All tracks written, recorded and produced by Sarah Schneider (sss).

Artwork by Sarah Schneider (sss).

Mastered by Chris McCormack (Blacklisted Mastering).

Words by Joseph Power.


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