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Meridians - Four in the Morning, Restless (Sam Stosuur Remix) // Ozacure & Mr. Moustache - I Am

Listen: Bandcamp or Soundcloud

Sam Stosuur's remix of Meridian's Four in the Morning, Restless takes the angelic voices from the original recording and repositions them over a shuffling house beat, packed full of live drums and hand percussion. A totally infectious tune in both its melody and rhythm - as can be expected from the cosmic house magician. On I Am Dreaming, Tel Aviv's Ozacure and Mr. Moustache come together to create an instantly funky electro house track. A playful baseline dances around off-kilter drum machines and vocoded chants of I am dreaming.... The tune could easily be the soundtrack to one of those dreams where you can't decide if it was the best dream ever or a nightmare.


Photo by Jack McKenzie

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