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Rahms - Why am I Running? // Sloxxx - I Don't Know the Question // Ozacure - Marmalade (Live Cut

Listen: Bandcamp or Soundcloud

A diverse triplet of tracks, drawn together by the notion of care and love. Rahms invites a gentle piano to join him on his slow and emotive house track, 'Why am I Running?'. This track is a story in itself, narrated by Rahms' unique family of synthetic and natural melodies and rhythms. Sloxxx takes us on a deeply hypnotic journey with 'I Don't Know the Question'. Psychedelic sounds of unknown origins meander around a groove that will absolutely lock you in. Over the 15 minute duration, the track shifts subtly and constantly around its central themes - it's tracks like these that really make you think. The closer to MOTH02, Ozacure's Marmalade, was taken as a live cut from a performance at an underground party in Jerusalem, 2018. The track was performed on a combination of drum machines, samplers and modular units - the product is totally unique. Marmalade is a trip through Ozacure's sound world; distant voices sound relaxed and meditative, trippy drums shift around trippy rhythms and the most acidic filter you've ever heard even makes an appearance. Three incredible tracks make for an incredible end to MOTH02.


Photo by Quincy Raw

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