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featuring Madeline Holt, Quincy Raw and Black Mannequin

A purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level.

Ontogeny is a multimedia exhibition that celebrates all forms of art; a platform for collaborating creatives of different mediums to explore the common thread within their art forms. We invite the audience to experience an immersive, evocative environment with artists that question standard exhibition formats. Ontogeny affirms the notion that an emotive experience that connects individuals is the most powerful way to experience art.


We have designed a platform for artists to be seen and heard in a way that transcends the viewer from the physical constructs of art, into the realm of emotional connection and shared intentionality.


The first edition will feature artworks by Madeline Holt and the music of Quincy Raw & Black Mannequin. In aligning local art with local craftsmenship, the event is sponsored by Aether Brewery and Cork & Co, who will be generously supplying the night's beer and wine respectively.


Ontogeny will take place in the beautiful Spring Hill Reservoirs, a former underground water reservoir re-purposed as a heritage-listed venue.


Tickets include three complementary alcoholic beverages.


Madeline Holt - Visual Art, Animation

Quincy Raw - Audio

Black Mannequin - Audio

Method To My Madness - Videography

Jake Ploss - Projection

Jack McKenzie - 35mm Photography

Daniel Grima - 35mm Photography

Aether Brewery - Beer Supplier

Cork & Co. - Wine Supplier


Taken by Jack McKenzie on 35mm film.

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