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Strange Ways


Released 16 March, 2021

Our 10th EP release welcomes a creative colleague and close friend. With a number of diverse releases under various aliases, the more personal projections of George Hickman’s latest work has precipitated the dawn of a fitting new project: George. 


Strange Ways… 

A vivid body of work that triggers euphoric and melancholic sentiment in synergy. Exploring playfully-improvised harmony, rhythm and flow, this touching 3-track EP feels both innately human and otherworldly. Opening proceedings is ‘Recall’; an energetic showcase of George’s knack for crisp drum programming, flourishing melodies and engulfing chords. Following on is ‘Against Better Judgement’, a deeply reflective ambient piece which places thoughtful dialogue in an immersive atmosphere. ‘Strange Ways’ appropriately closes the EP with its tight groove, textures and melodic experimentation.

All tracks written and produced by George Hickman in Queensland, Australia. 

Videos by Jasper Free.

Artwork by Madeline Holt.

Mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering in the UK.

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Gabriel Magdelani & Niran Mantin

Physical Desires EP


Released 25 September, 2020

Ltd. edition 12" vinyl

Presenting Pocketmoth’s first vinyl release: a frictionless collaboration between Tel Aviv-based artists Gabriel Magdelani & Niran Mantin. ‘Physical Desires’, a hypnotic 4-track EP, prioritises musical unity over the proposed boundaries of the pair’s respective Arab and Jewish heritages. The minimal magicians invite us into their world of twisting and spacious explorations in sound. Gabriel Magdelani’s original tracks feature on the A side, whilst the B side showcases Gabriel and Niran’s work in tandem.

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Olympic Pool Maintenance League

The Calming Cloud


Released 11 November, 2020

Ltd. edition artwork package by Chris Bennie


Olympic Pool Maintenance League, the alias of multi-format artist Chris Bennie, joins the Pocketmoth fraternity with a three-track EP of architectural techno minimalism, moving through shifting polyrhythms and smooth ambience. In addition to the release, Chris has produced a limited quantity of artwork packages, drawing on the visual stimulus of the EP's cover and 'The Calming Cloud' video clip.

All tracks written and produced by Chris Bennie (Olympic Pool Maintenance League) in Queensland, Australia.
All tracks mastered by Chris McCormack at Blacklisted Mastering in the UK. 
Album art: Chris Bennie, A Likely Coalition 2019. Installation view Swell Sculpture Festival, Currumbin Beach, Queensland Australia 2019. Winner Neumann Foundation Swell Sculpture Award

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