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Phresh - Queen In Focus

Garage • IDM • Minimal Techno

After a brief hiatus from releasing music, Pocketmoth is proud to present its first release of 2024, courtesy of Brisbane/Meanjin-based producer, Phresh.

Co-founder of label and party series Dialogue, Phresh is one of the city's most respected live-electronic performers - a craft that audibly translates into his club-ready releases and sporadic edits. 

Queen in Focus, the producer's debut EP on Pocketmoth, represents a new elevation of Phresh's immediate jam-orientated sound, featuring 3 extended club applications. Touching elements of speed garage, IDM and functional left-field electronica, the EP effortlessly balances DJ-able grooves with innovative sound design and ASMR work.

EP Release Date: April, 2024

P&C: Pocketmoth, 2024
Distribution: Inch by Inch, DE


1. Run the Gun
00:00 / 11:31
2. Hazeye (VU Finder)
00:00 / 05:40
3. Audial Luxx (Lone Bishop Mix) [Single]
00:00 / 07:04
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