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Track #1 of Infinite Twist [MOTH01]: Black Mannequin - Asphalt (ft. Kevin Orr), will be released Monday 15th Jan 2018 at 6pm (GMT+10). Asphalt will be available for streaming via Youtube and Bandcamp. Preorders of the entire compilation commence upon release of the first track via Bandcamp.

From here, a song from Infinite Twist will be released every third day at 6pm (GMT+10) leading up to the entire compilation's release.

We are proud to announce our first release, Infinite Twist [MOTH01]. Infinite Twist is a ten-track compilation featuring artists from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We are very proud of the music on this release and can't wait to share it!


Tracklist: Infinite Twist [MOTH01]


Black Mannequin - Asphalt (ft. Kevin Orr)

Quincy Raw - sun15

Sargent Bonzo - Wearing a Burning Hat

Christopher Brooks & Rahms - Trails

Sum Randm - Table Flipper

Rahms - Drawn Apprehension

Tils - The Language

mixed business - Dankasa Mood

RDGR - hip-EEZ

vanityRIP - --<-@

Introducing pocketmoth, a new independent record label from Brisbane, Australia. Our roots are diverse, as is the music we wish to share. From here, expect a wide selection of house, techno, electronica, hip-hop, experimental and more.

We believe in the strength of difference, subjectivity and open forum discourse. Always. Please do not hesitate to direct any queries, questions or music submissions to

Record label. Since 2018. Brisbane (Meanjin), Australia. Infinite twist.

Alive on bandcamp, instagramfacebook, mixcloud & youtube.

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