Released 15/01/18.

Stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Track #1 of Infinite Twist [MOTH01]: Black Mannequin - Asphalt (ft. Kevin Orr), will be released Monday 15th Jan 2018 at 6pm (GMT+10). Asphalt will be available for streaming via Youtube and Bandcamp. Preorders of the entire compilation commence upon release of the first track via Bandcamp.

From here, a song from Infinite Twist will be released every third day at 6pm (GMT+10) leading up to the entire compilation's release.

We are proud to announce our first release, Infinite Twist [MOTH01]. Infinite Twist is a ten-track compilation featuring artists from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We are very proud of the music on this release and can't wait to share it!

Infinite Twist [MOTH01]


Black Mannequin - Asphalt (ft. Kevin Orr)

Quincy Raw - sun15

Sargent Bonzo - Wearing a Burning Hat

Christopher Brooks & Rahms - Trails

Sum Randm - Table Flipper

Rahms - Drawn Apprehension

Tils - The Language

mixed business - Dankasa Mood

RDGR - hip-EEZ

vanityRIP - --<-@

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